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At National Journal: Start Early to Get Kids Interested in STEM

Published:  December 13, 2012

Last week the National Journal Education Experts blog asked why more students aren’t pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering or math.

In my response, I discuss the importance of getting children interested in and excited about science and math at an earlier age, and making sure teachers are well-prepared to teach these subjects, to ensure children have positive experiences:

High-quality science education must begin early, even before kindergarten—as soon as young children are able to start asking questions about the world around them. In preschool, 2- and 3-year-olds can be introduced to insects, plants or structures in such a way that prepares them to think like a scientist: observing, gathering information, testing hypotheses and gathering yet more information based on what those tests show. The early elementary grades should build on this learning by providing regular opportunities for exploration and inquiry, guided by knowledgeable teachers who are themselves passionate about science.

See my full response here.

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