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What's Missing in Early Education and Child Care?

Published:  October 17, 2011

This Thursday, the Early Education Initiative is co-hosting an event with the Workforce and Family Program at New America to shine a spotlight on the need for change in child care and early education. More than 11 million American children spend time in non-parental care each day.  Millions of families rely on some aspect of America's publicly funded programs for their children as they go to work.  Most are looking for a high-quality setting in which their children can learn.  Yet, current situations fail too many families.  The cost of care is too high while salaries for staff are too low.  There are gaps in the regulatory oversight and in the quality of care, and there is too little learning for too many children. Moreover, the fiscal pressures on states and the federal government are preventing investments of public support.

Despite the challenges, hope remains that improvements can be made, and policymakers are grappling with tough questions:

What are the biggest problems and priorities that need to be addressed?  How should the federal government help?  What are states doing that is working?  What holes must be patched now in America to ensure dual-generational, quality early education and care that supports both the learning of children and the ability of adults to go to work?

RSVP to attend here at 1899 L Street NW, Suite 400 in Washington, D.C. on October 20 at 12:15 p.m.. We've got a terrific line-up of speakers and the day promises to be filled with rich discussion about how to grapple with a plethora of early education needs. We hope to see you there! (For those who are out of town, we'll be live-streaming the event and providing an archived edition here.)


Lisa Guernsey
Director, Early Education Initiative
New America Foundation

Featured Speakers
Joan Lombardi, Ph.D.  
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary and Inter-Departmental Liaison for Early Childhood Development, Administration for Children and Families
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Barbara Gault, Ph.D.
Executive Director and Vice President
Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Eric Karolak, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Early Care and Education Consortium

Danielle Ewen
Director of Child Care and Early Education

David Gray

Director, Workforce and Family Program
New America Foundation

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