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MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Experts on Decline in Pre-K Funding in Today's News

April 10, 2012

Media Availability:   
Experts to Talk About Today's News on Decline in Pre-K Funding and Early Education Trends   

DC Outpaces Nation in Pre-K Quality, Funding | The Washington Examiner

April 10, 2012

Lisa Guernsey, director of the New America Foundation's Early Education Initiative, said the recession hit preschool programs harder than K-12 because preschool is less established as state policy. "Pre-K wasn't built into a stable funding stream in ...

Is the iPad Bad For Children? Experts Debate Merits of Kids Spending Too Much Time On Tablets, iPods

April 2, 2012

Lisa Guernsey, director of the Early Education Initiative at the New American Foundation, said that critics blaming devices like the iPad for child developmental problems should differentiate "between a cause and an association."

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Bringing Up an E-Reader | The New York Times

March 29, 2012

Lisa Guernsey, director of the early education initiative at the New America Foundation, says conversations about how events of a story relate to the child’s own life, or asking open-ended questions about what happened, are examples of spontaneous dialogue. But this kind of interaction is often different with e-books, she said, and in some cases, disappears.


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Observe Teachers Of The Youngest Children Too, Researchers Say | Gotham Schools

March 28, 2012

Lisa Guersney, director of the Early Education Initiative of the New America Foundation, and Susan Ochshorn, founder of ECE PolicyWorks, touted the potential of engaging caretakers and educators working with the infant through five-year-old group in ...

Your Wired Kid | Good Housekeeping

March 13, 2012

"It's getting much more complicated to measure how much screen time kids are getting," notes Lisa Guernsey, author of Into the Minds of Babes, a book about children's use of electronic media.

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Do You Wonder If and When It’s OK to Use Media and Technology with Very Young Children? | Mom Enough

January 10, 2012

This week’s guest, author Lisa Guernsey, joins Marti & Erin for a realistic discussion of the effects of media on young children, guidelines for deciding what you will permit and practical tips for turning occasional media viewing into a positive learning experience for your child.

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iPlaytime | Indiana Journal & Courier

January 10, 2012

Lisa Guernsey, director of the early education initiative with the New America Foundation, a nonprofit think tank based in Washington D.C., said deciding whether children should be exposed to mobile media use is not a black-and-white issue. But there are guidelines parents should consider, such as the three C's -- content, context and the child.

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Challenges Lie Ahead for Early-Learning Grant Winners | Education Week

January 3, 2012

... agencies, and programs together in ways that they never have before will make meeting all the commitments they've made in their plans a big challenge,” said Laura Bornfreund, an early-education policy analyst for the New America Foundation, ...

Why Books Are Better Than e-Books for Children | The New York Times

December 28, 2011

The answer, according to Lisa Guernsey of the New America Foundation’s Early Education Initiative, is that when we read with a child on an e-reader, we may actually impede our child’s ability to learn. Ms. Guernsey interpreted recent research on childhood literacy for Time magazine, and found that parents interact differently with children over an e-reader than over a physical book. That difference may make children slower to read and comprehend a story.

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